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"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
when the government fears the people, there is liberty" - Thomas Jefferson

"I love my country but fear what it's government has become.." - unknown

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My Political View Point

I am interested in politics, I don't fit in any clearly defined category. If I had to define myself I guess I would be a Libertarian Republican, far right wing conservative or a Constitutionalist, take your pick. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights as will as the rest of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. I believe our government ignores these inspired documents and we the people need to do what ever we must to keep them from taking our rights and freedoms from us, whether incrementally or wholesale. If strong opinions don't upset you and you won't be offended by what I say, considering what I've already told you, then go ahead and read the rest of the page. If they do upset you, you were warned so don't complain to me about it! As the T-shirt one of my sisters gave me for Christmas a while back says "I'm not opinionated, I'm just always right!".

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Current Politics

Why you shouldn't vote for Democrats.. updated 10/30/02

I got this from a friend.
----- Original Message -----
Subject: Fw: Social Security
Don't forget this when you go to the polls.

Q: Which party took Social Security from an independent fund and put it in the general fund so that Congress could spend it?
A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate.
Q: Which party put a tax on Social Security?
A: The Democratic party.
Q: Which party increased the tax on Social Security?
A: The Democratic Party with Vice-President Al Gore casting the deciding vote. (under Clinton)
Q Which party decided to give your Social Security money to immigrants?
A: That's right, the Democratic Party. Immigrants that move into this country at 65 get SSI and have never paid a dime into the system. This is costing us millions of dollars.
Then, after doing all this, the Democrats turn around and tell you the Republicans want to take your Social Security away from you. The worst part about it is that people forget who did what!
What can you do? Circulate this to remind people so they'll remember it during the November vote.
Have a Great Day

The Democrats can't win with out lying and using scare tactics. I can't tell you how many times I've heard Democrats saying the "Republicans want to take your Social Security and invest it in the stock market". That isn't what the Republicans want to do, but if they had done so since I had started working or I had been able to opt out of SS and put it instead in to an IRA or my 401K since I started working around 1982, I probably would be able to retire on the investment before I turned 50. As it is the SS which has been extorted out of my check likely won't even be there when I retire at 67 as the system has been raided by the democrats to fund their pork barrel projects.

My previous writings on why you should vote for Republicans and against Democrats.
1 October 2000: Why Christians should Vote Republican

Pornography & sexual exploitation updated 6/10/02

I've been very busy and updating this page regularly has dropped in priority since it has dropped in hits so it's been a while. I haven't had any one topic I felt strongly enough to write about until now.

The last week or so the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, a 14 year old in Utah has been in my thoughts. ( Elizabeth Smart kidnapping, latest information) Last year there was a young teen abducted from her home in California which was national news who was sexually assaulted and then murdered. There was also a local girl from Mesa who disappeared with no clues. I hope I'm wrong but I think many of these missing children that are not abducted by separated non-custodial parents are abducted by profoundly evil people who take them for sexual exploitation. My heart goes out to the families and victims. I'm single and have no children, but know I'd be devastated if I had a child missing.
Yahoo; Stories on Elizabeth Smart Abduction

My reasoning is, if not for money or to hurt a family in vengeance what other reason would someone break into a home an take a pretty young woman? After E-mail, did you know the number one use of the World Wide Web is pornography? There millions of people out there spending untold millions of dollars on porn sites. I daily get Spam offering "adult entertainment", most of it with a lot more explicit subject lines, much of it offering teenage women. How long before someone who is attracted to this smut decides to go beyond fantasy and act? How often does it happen, how many other children disappear with out the national media making a big deal about it. If Elizabeth Smart had not been abducted from her home by a man with a gun instead of off the street and all anyone knew about it was she didn't come home from school, mall or where ever, do you think you'd have ever heard anything about her? I know you wouldn't hear about it nationally, maybe if it was local to you it might get some mention in the news.

In this day an age where the Catholic church has been protecting pedophiles for years, one Rev. Paul R. Shanley is even an activist in the Man Boy Love Association (MANBLA) and has been arrested for child rape. Where Americans are going out of the country to find places where the law over looks child prostitution. (has been in the Arizona news about Mexico and I've heard about it in the Philippines and other Pacific islands). Sex is all over the media implied or explicit, and with everything else going on, it doesn't surprise me at all that these things are happening. Personally I think these are the last days and things will only get worse as the world becomes more and more evil. Things are far worse than most people suspect, most don't want to know so they don't have to care.
Yahoo Full Coverage of Catholic Church abuse scandal

Does that mean we should stand by do nothing? NO! We must do all we can to fight against these atrocities and those who commit them. First and foremost we need to not be those who contribute to the problem by buying porn or feel it is acceptable for anyone to view. Since the government feels this is free speech we can't ban it. Be we can apply social pressure on those who support it and those who produce it. We can lobby our legislatures to change the laws, make the punishments much more severe for those who commit sexual crimes and try to raise public awareness of the problems.

This was timely and came this weekend. I've long thought all spammers should be beaten to death with their keyboards, I get a lot of it, but porn spammers are the worst of all and must be stopped. (6/22/02)

Dear Friend,
Mr. Scott wants you to join the 148,693 who are taking a stand against the proliferation of Internet pornography.

Click here to sign this petition to protect your families and your children.

Sign the petition!

Grassfire.net has launched a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN designed to rally 100,000 citizens to stand united against Internet Porn in the next 90 days. After the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down The Child Pornography Protection Act, it became clear to us that our government lacks the courage to fight Internet porn.

Our NATIONAL CAMPAIGN demands the U.S. government moves decisively--enacting tough laws that truly protect our families from Internet smut.


--GOAL #1--
OUTLAW all unsolicited pornographic e-mail (PORN-SPAM).

--GOAL #2-- BAN computer-generated child pornography.

--GOAL #3--
KEEP OUR TAX DOLLARS from supporting the porn industry by banning the use of public computers to view pornography, and requiring all public places (schools, libraries) to install pornography filtering software.

--GOAL #4--
Require all adult-oriented websites to migrate to a ".adult" domain and establish the kid-friendly ".kids" section on the Internet.

We can stop the flood in Internet Pornography - but only if a vast army of concerned citizens rises up and says "enough is enough!"



Sign the petition!

When we reach our goal of 100,000 signed petitions, we will deliver them to our lawmakers in Washington--demanding they listen to the voice of America by stopping Internet Porn.

We are counting on you!


A grassroots effort like this demands strong support. That's why after signing the petition, we need you to forward this message to at least 20-30 of your friends (perhaps church leaders, other parents, relatives, co-workers, neighbors)--urging them to stand with you in the fight to stop Internet Porn!

Thank you so much for your help!

Your friends at Grassfire.net Real Impact. Read Feedback. Real Results.

P.S. We have prepared a special report that reveals how demented purveyors of Internet Porn can manipulate and exploit even the most innocent photo of your son or daughter. It's shocking. Click the link below.

Sign the petition!

P.P.S. Don't forget! After signing our petition against Internet Porn, and forwarding this message to your friends, you can watch your personal grassfire spread throughout the country by checking your personal reporting page! Click below for a preview of what it will look like:


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sign the petition!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Special Report

Some places for you to go, note they will open new windows.:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
United States, Canada, Mexico 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)
Belgium 0800-7-3108
France 0800-918401
The Netherlands 0800-022-1769
The United Kingdom 0-800-96-2587

FBI Crimes Against Children Program
National Runaway Switchboard (NRS)
Listing of Organizations
Missing Children / Parental Abduction
Yahoo: Missing Children Organizations
Yahoo: links about Child Molestation

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