Originally I intended this to be primarily a genealogy site to help me find others researching the same surnames. But it took so long for Ancestral Quest 3.0 to come out that I started out with a a minimal amount of Genealogy up and developed other pages about stuff that interests me in the mean time. The first part of April 1999 I finally got Ancestral Quest and did the genealogy pages I'd been wanting to put up. I had the space to do the page since about spring of 1998, EarthLink gives every member 6 Megs (now 10) for a home page and I applied for it around then. I hadn't done anything with it up until fall of 1998 because I was unsure what to do and had no experience with HTML. I have some experience in programming in basic and assembly, but didn't really like doing it.

Up until mid June 2007 it was hosted at earthlink, but then I got my own domain scottsworld.info at www.godaddy.com. I was with godadday hosting for a while and got dissatisfied so I moved To Hostmonster until 2019. After my site was hacked though Wordpress and mallware was installed Hostmonster wanted to install a firewall which would cost me $69.95 a month and I was having issues with sitemap generator not running long enough to generate the sitemap. 3 tech chats did not fix it. So now in late 2019 my site is hosted by BlueHost.

The beginning of April 1999 I put up our Website at work with our domain name. A couple years previously we had a single page with a developer/host who charged us a large amount of money each year for a site that we could only update every other month and they always seemed to make mistakes with it. I finally started sending him the corrected pages and let him upload my work. By 1999 I was pretty good with HTML and was sure I could do a multiple page site far better than those guys, I did a demo site with a few pages hosted only the space for our email and showed it to my boss's at work, told them what it would cost to do, which was a fraction of what we were being charged and I've the webmaster of Viking Sewing Gallery, along with being a sewing machine tech and other duties, cooperate changes, made a site for the stores and did not renew the domain. See my Other sites I'm Webmaster of link in my LDS bookmarks. About the time I became the County Coordinator, EarthLink came out with their "Click N Build" Web developer. I spent an evening with it and the results were so bad that it motivated me to develop and replace it with my first three pages; The index page, which started from the text I use in my LDS Singles Listings which was modified and added too. I've since moved that information to About Scott and made the index more of an index of the site. The genealogy page which came from a Roots Surname Index text file I've used on various genealogy lists for quite a while, and the original Bookmarks page which really did come from my Netscape Bookmarks. As I added more links it became so big that I split it into two pages in March of 1999 and three pages in September 1999, adding categories and indexing. The pages went up the weekend after Thanksgiving of 1998, having spent most of Thanksgiving at home writing the pages. I have a computer not a life.. The Opinions page came soon after sometime in December. To my surprise that page has been one of my most popular ones at times. I concluded joining the Conservative ring was a good idea. At one time someone in Canada created a Website that listed the top 10 conservative sites in North America. My opinions page is listed as #2. I have no idea who to thank for that honor, there was no contact information and the site has since disappeared. I'm flattered, I only write what I think and must admit I get most of the food for thought from talk radio and the Internet. It has pretty much died of now as I don't have time to keep it updated any more, I post some to my blog here Scott's World Blog Scott's World Forum which I pay for so I may use it more. The webrings, guest books and other stuff you could add for free, a lot of personal sites which were on free hosting have all gone away. I had to spend some time removing all the webring code from my pages in 2019.

I originally put up the LDS page the beginning of January 1999, (having developed it over Christmas Vacation) so I could join the LDSWebRing. I've since joined two other LDS webrings but none of them seem to be generating as much traffic as the Conservative Ring.. Yahoo took over Webring.org, made a mess of it like they do most everything and the rings pretty much died.. Webring.org is back again, but I'm not sure I like the new set up, it is hard to find your way around. I don't hide the fact that I am LDS and want to share my beliefs with everyone (if you knew what I do, you would too), I know the world would be a better place if everyone knew and lived the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I put up the LDS page, I felt strongly impressed by the Spirit I needed more LDS content and pondered it a while, and was inspired with the idea to do God's Plan of Salvation and Questions Answered By The Book of Mormon pages. I was unsure how to implement the ideas at the time and pondered that for a week or so before the ideas started to come to me. I had started God's Plan of Salvation page but still wasn't sure how to do it completely and needed a graphic. I'm not an artist and don't have a scanner so that was a bit of a problem. An online friend of mine, Elyse Perry, volunteered to do the graphic after I told her the problem. If it wasn't for her it would of ended up with one of the line drawings I have from when I was a missionary which I converted to a graphic by faxing them to myself from work. While I was waiting for her to get the graphic done, I was sitting in church one Sunday and was inspired with an idea to do the Questions Answered By the Book of Mormon in two frames, an upper one with the questions and the bottom that the answers would appear in. I went out and found a tutor on the web (J Barta's: So, you want to make a Web Page!, Frame Tutor, see the bottom of this page) and learned how do do frames. By mid January 1999, I had the QabBOM pages up and am pleased with the results. Originally this came from the 23 Questions Answered by the Book of Mormon which was pretty common when I was a full time missionary, but I didn't want to limit myself to just the original 23 questions, so I didn't call it the 23 Questions.. If you check it out, you will see I now have 27 questions and answers and may add more as they occur to me. After I finished the QabBOM pages, I started working on God's Plan of Salvation page again and had it up with an Under Construction notice by the end of January 1999. I worked on it a little more and took the under construction notice down by mid. February 1999. I am not 100% satisfied with some of the pages yet, but don't know what to change, so it isn't a completed project. But then what web page ever is? People have been leaving nice comments in my guest book about it so maybe I should be satisfied.

Towards the end of 1999 I started adding more pages to the site. I added some pages to the Book of Mormon section. In September of 1999 I created a Sitemap since by then I had so many pages, also to help the search engines find all of them since they aren't all linked from the links section at the bottom of each page. Some pages like the Opinion, RKBA, Questions Answered by the Book of Mormon have sub-pages. The genealogy links to a whole sub site with lots of pages made with Ancestral Quest.

In 1999 I started getting attacked by anti-Mormons who seem to think they know more about my beliefs than I do.. I got tired of writing the same things to them so I decided to do the "Which is the True Church of Jesus Christ?" page as a response. Then they started telling me the Bible is the perfect word of God, etc. So then I did the "Bible is the Only Word of God?" page, it could use some more work but has served it's purpose. Since then they've been quieter, but I still get a one every now and then, even though I've done my best to discourage them from bothering me on my e-mail page. I used to have my email address on every page but found that to be a problem with spammers and other undesirables. I was a full time missionary (1983-84), I teach the gospel, I study the scriptures regularly. I have far better things to do with my time than argue with ignorant people who think they know more about it than I do. In April 2001 I had a denial of service attack on the Plan of Salvation page and EarthLink shut down my whole site for a week for "excessive traffic". In one day the God's Plan of Salvation page had about 30 times the traffic my whole site gets for a month. The number of hits stayed about the same, but the amount of bytes being requested out went up dramatically. At one time it was listed in the top 5 on Google for "Plan of Salvation" but has been steadily moving down, I figured all the sites above mine were hosted on domains, not email accounts so that is one of the main reasons I have started my own domain.

Starting April 2001, I now edit my websites entirely with Alaire's (later bought by Macromedia) HomeSite HTML editor after getting a computer that ran Win98. For the curious, I started off creating my pages entirely with a text editor. Primarily WordStar 7 for DOS, (yes, I was still using DOS, PC DOS 7, to be exact and Win 3.11), sometimes I made adjustments with Windows Notepad while viewing the page with Netscape. I have found that Notepad in Win95 tends to remove the line breaks from the file when you save it for some reason. This makes it very hard to read when editing.. I edit, save and reload in Netscape to see how placement, color, fonts, and etc. look. I had started using Internet Explorer as I've found more and more sites have coded specificity for IE and won't work right in other browsers, Netscape 7 came out was pretty cool. I'm currently using the latest versions of Firefox, duckduckgo, Chrome and Edge. I really didn't care for Internet Explorer, it never displayed anything correctly.. I don't believe in trying to design pages for specific platforms and resolutions, browsers, etc. There are just too many possibilities, if you keep it simple a page should display on nearly all combinations and although it won't look exactly alike on all of them it will sill convey the information you wanted too. I don't like WYSIWYG editors, I tried the one with Netscape Communicator (4.5), played with a trial version of Front Page and didn't care for the results. These WYSIWYG editors tend to be very code heavy, using a lot of tables to place everything. This makes the pages large, complicated and much harder to modify. I am a minimalist, I try to use as little code as possible to get the desired result, which downloads faster and less likely to cause problems with your browser. These days I'm I use a verity of html editors, We/builder and Visual Code editor primarly on Win10 desktop and my laptop.

I have learned a lot from various tutors on the net, borrowed some code and ideas from pages when I saw an idea I like. Learned a lot from taking over the two USGenWeb page and modifying them and our home page at work. Also running different code validation checkers to see where the mistakes are. I have learned something from all of these; HTML & Web education sites. That is a link to my Bookmarks page, HTML listings. Those I found the most help at first are those I have Listed at the top: "HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners". 2019-2020 I have been taking courses on Udemy and recently earned a HTML5 certification. They periodically have sales on the courses for $11.99, the HTML5 Authoring course I took is normally $196.99, wait for a sale before signing up.. W3schools is a great place to learn about particular tags and css.


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