China Gate, How Clinton sold us out to the Chinese. updated 5/26/99

Finally we get to look at some of the Cox Report. Although the most damming portions of it have been redacted or are still classified as top secret to protect the guilty. For those not familiar with what has been going on or have been confused by the democrat controlled media's spin on it, I will attempt to summarize what has happened. It is only the worst breach of national security since the Rosenbergs gave the USSR nuclear secrets. China has been for 20 years or more spying on us attempting to steal our nuclear weapons technology. The spin on this is that it started during Reagan and Bush's presidency so therefore it is their fault and not Clinton's. There are major problems with this spin, (spin, political word for lies told trying to make something bad look not as bad as it looks or is someone else's fault.) While it is true the Chinese have been stealing nuclear secrets that long ago, it wasn't known then. It was found out during Clinton's presidency and nothing was done about it..

Not only was nothing done about it, Clinton took campaign contributions from Chinese nationalist. The biggest contributor to the Democrats was a CEO of Loral corporation who happens to launch satellites. Since the US has not kept up with the needs of commercial satellite launches they have been going to other countries to get their satellites up. China had a big problem with their rockets not making it. But they wanted those American dollars for launches and other things as we will see.. A couple companies asked the Clinton Administration for wavers to transfer prohibited technology to China so their satellites would quit blowing up or going off course. The two companies were Loral and Hughes Electronics, they got the wavers and helped the Chinese with their rockets. They also gave them technology to launch more than one satellite from one rocket. The reason this technology was prohibited is because not only can it be used to launch many satellites accurately and successfully with one rocket it can be used to launch a ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) with multiple warheads. These rockets contain a black box in them that is sealed, provided by these companies. This black box is a GPS (Global Positioning System) which allows them to guide the rockets very accurately. The Chinese were not supposed to ever have access to the black box. They were to go up with the rockets and be destroyed when the remains of the launch vehicle renter the atmosphere. One of the early rockets crashed, some what suspiciously, and when they wreckage was recovered the black box was missing.. Many speculate the Chinese military intended for the rocket to crash so they could get their hands on the black box.

So what does all this mean? It means combined with China stealing the information to manufacture our nuclear warheads including the miniature W88 which tips the trident missiles in our nuclear submarines, they now have the technology to deliver them to our cities. They have started building ICBM's and we know they now have at least twenty of them and are on a program to build various ICBM's including mobile units which can be moved, making them very hard to find.

This doesn't scare you? How about this, a couple years ago China told us that we would not interfere with their take over of Taiwan because we value Los Angeles too much. The implied threat is if we get in their way they will nuke Los Angeles.

There is much more to this story but I can't write it all and I am not sure I know it all. Stuff like other technology for things like pulse weapons, EMP weapons, aircraft technology, including stealth were stolen. The Clinton administration transferred control of prohibited technology transfers from the state department to the commerce department. Then China was granted requests to buy many super computers and manufacturing technology. The super computers allow them to model nuclear weapons tests with out actually blowing one up to test it. The manufacturing technology allows them to build advanced rockets and missiles. We have given them most favored trade partner status which has fueled their economy with our money, which then is being used to build up their military. Look at how many things you purchase, from clothes, electronics, housewares and more that are made in China now. We have allowed generals who commanded the Chinese troops that killed students demonstrating for freedom into this country and welcomed them as friends. Make no mistake China is NOT OUR FRIEND, and treating them as such is a disastrous mistake.

The Cox Report; U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China
SCMP; Beijing spies continue work'
SCMP; Details 'will wind up in hands of terrorist regimes and rogue states'
Capitol Hill Blue; Most damning information against Clinton, others, cut from Cox report
News Australia; Clinton, blackmail, Beijing's political profiles

School Shootings; drugs and gun control updated 5/27/99

After we have had a spate of violence at schools and have had hours and hours of commentary, analysis, and blame. One thing I have not heard addressed much at all, is that nearly all, if not all of the perpetrators of these evil acts were on some form of anti-depressant drug. Some were on Prosaic, Ritalin, and Luvox. I haven't heard about the one in Georgia so I don't know in that case. The students in Colorado said at least one of the killers there was on drugs given by the school. It is thought it was Luvox but no one in a position of authority is willing to talk about it. (It has now been confirmed that Eric Harris had "normal levels of Luvox" in his blood. 6/25/99

We've had guns since the beginning of this nation. I'm sure we've had students that were picked on and made to feel they are not part of the group forever. We have had violent video games since some time in the 80's and I'm sure violent movies even longer. But school shootings are pretty much a 90's phenomena. So is the drugging of children with all sorts of drugs to control them. A kid doesn't pay attention in class, acts up now and then (sounds pretty normal to me) is now almost automatically labeled "Attention Deficient" and given one of these drugs. We know Prosaic has been linked to violence, how about these other drugs? Have there been any studies? How come we didn't have school shootings until recently? Well, one could argue that our society is falling apart and the teaching of morals to children is seen as something we shouldn't do. I couldn't disagree with that.

So why are the democrats so anxious to pass more gun control laws? Some of them have been honest and admitted than none of their laws would of had one bit of effect on these acts. In everyone of these shootings dozens of laws were broken and it still didn't stop what happen. So the answer is to pass more useless laws which only make it harder for the law abiding to defend themselves? I don't think so. How come we don't enforce the thousands of gun control laws we have? How come the Clinton adminstration has one of the worse records in enforcing gun laws and even passed more, is still demanding more laws? How come this nation did fairly well with out much in the way of gun control laws for it's first 150 years or so? Must be some other reason why they want to pass all these laws. I can only conclude they don't trust you and I with guns and they want to take them all away from us. Their motives for doing so certainly isn't in our best interest. Are they just plain stupid or do they have malevolent intentions? You decide.

Dr. Laura, pornography, Pedophelia, The American Psychiatric Association and the American Library Association updated 5/27/99

Normally I don't listen to Dr. Laura, I'm not interested in listening to people whine about their pathetic lives. Her show follows Rush locally so some times I listen to the first part of her show before switching channels. In recent weeks she has been hammering on the American Psychiatric Association and the American Library Association. And from what she has said they rightly deserve it and more. I won't cover everything she said but instead will give you a link to her site where the monologues are posted. First the APA published in their publication an article which was poorly researched and documented but was presented as hard science (which even Dr. Laura admits psychiatry is not.) that sexual encounters between adults and children, Pedophelia, is not very harmful to the children in the long run and may even help them grow up more well adjusted. Any right thinking person would immediately know this is crap and shouldn't need a degree in anything to figure it out. The Man Boy Love association, MANBLA immediately endorsed the article as giving credence to their sick, depraved life style choices. There is more to the story but I leave that to you to read on Dr. Laura's site.

Then someone told Dr. Laura that the American Library Association advocates access to anything regardless of sex, race, or even age. They claim their job is to prevent censorship of anything no matter how depraved it is. So children have been using Internet access at libraries to access pornography. The ALA web site has a link to a site called Go Ask Alice, which gives all kinds of explicit sexual advice covering every imaginable (and for many of us I'm sure unimaginable) sexual practice mankind has ever conceived of.

Dr. Laura's Show Monologue; Pedophillia and the APA & ALA
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