If you tried email me in like the last 6 months I moved webhosting and they had my email messed up and I just got it working on 4/10/2020

If your getting ready to e-Mail Scott to tell me I'm wrong, going to hell, or anything of that nature, don't bother. I've seen it all and doubt very much you have something to say I haven't heard many times. If you disagree with my religious beliefs and want to send attacks, I have given my answers to such things on the "Which is the True Church?" and "The Bible is the Only word of God?" pages. Read them both in full before even thinking about e-mailing me (even then don't bother), to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. Don't waste my time and yours, I do know, I have studied and taught the Gospel in one way or another for more than 30 years. Nothing you can write or send me will change in anyway what I know and think. I have been a full time missionary, stake missionary twice, ward mission leader, sunday school teacher, ect. in the past for the The Church of Jesus Christ. I invite you to learn of it and receive the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

If your e-mailing me for other reasons I welcome your comments and questions. Sorry you had to read the above, but you wouldn't believe some of the garbage I used get sent on nearly a daily basis.. I get more of email than I ever have time to read from various sources, so don't expect an immediate answer, if at all. I try to get to genealogy inquiries when I have time to look up the answers.

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