Gospel Principles

I conduct a Gospel Principles lesson each week. I take a chapter from the Gospel Principles manual (a highly recommended, must have book) and break it up into concepts. Depending on how long the chapter is, determines how many messages there will be. It can run 3-7 concepts in a week, but usually is 5 or 6, one sent per day, some days none if the chapter is short. I add referenced scriptures and do a comments and resources post at the beginning of each week, so you do get more than if you were just reading the Gospel Principles manual. The messages are in HTML format so you will need to turn on HTML for your subscription so the links to resources will work. If you'd like to start receiving the lessons, sign up using the form below. Please tell your friends about the list and help spread the Word, but please don't sign them up without their permission. This is a read only list. There is a companion list for discussion of the Gospel Principles and related topics.

2 weeks sample lessons

Chapter 1 Our Father In Heaven
GPC1: Comments and Resources
GPC1c1: There Is a God
GPC1c2: God Is the Ruler of Heaven and Earth
GPC1c3: What Kind of Being is God?
GPC1c4: Why Should We Try to Know God
GPC1c5: How Can We Know God?

Chapter 46 The Last Judgment
GPC46: Comments and Resources
GPC46c1: Judgments of God
GPC46c2: Our Words, Works, and Thoughts Are Used to Judge Us
GPC46c3: We Will Be Judged by Records
GPC46c4: Those Who Will Judge
GPC46c5: Assignment to Glories
GPC46c6: We Should Prepare Now for Judgment

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I was given this as a full time missionary, it was very helpfull to me and have carried a copy of it in my scriputres ever since. This is the text of the Come, and Let Us Reason TOGETHER file. If you print it in a small font it will make 3 pages which will fit in your scriptures. If you right click on the text link you can save it to your computer, other wise it will probably open in the browser windown.

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Gospel Principles
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