It has been nearly 5 years since I was single, the yahoo groups list has not had any real posts in over 2 years. The changes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made have made it impossible to keep up to date the Arizona LDS Singles ward page as you can not get much ward information that is not in your stake from the website. seems defunct and all the webrings I used to belong to are broken, including the LDS Single ring which I was host of. I had to move my website to a new server and decided now was the time to not upload the singles pages and be done with them. 1 November 2019

Facebook has pretty much killed email list as no one uses them any more. There are several LDS singles groups on Facebook, if you can not find one, ask your Ward leadership if they know of any single adult Family Home Evening groups in your area. they will surely know of any facebook group they use. I left all of those groups when I got married I I don't remember their names. There are no single adult wards in the church anymore that I know. Young singles are moved to family wards when they turn 30.. Happed to me.