The People's Right to Keep and Bear Arms
The People's Right to Keep and Bear Arms
The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Right to Bear Arms News 4/16/00

updated 4/16/00
There is an on going boycott against Smith & Wesson for giving into the enemy (I.E. Clinton and his companions, other gun banning, rights violating scum) and signing an agreement that will forever damage our rights to freely keep and bear arms. I received this from The 2ndAmendmentNews Team which is a list I belong too. You can sign up to the list at the bottom.
Smith & Wesson Must Be Stopped

It is amazing how many gun owners don't want to be "nasty" to S&W. The latest wimp out goes like this - "if someone else buys the company, then I can buy S&W products again."

Back in the 1960s, when S&W was owned by Bangor Punta, S&W called publicly for handgun registration.

NO, no, no. If you do this, the new owner Tompkins PLC will get paid TWICE for the treachery engaged in by its S&W subsidiary. Once by the government for selling-out Second Amendment rights and again by the new owner(s) of S&W for selling the assets of that company. Do you really want to reward them in this fashion? I think not. The idea is to reduce the value of S&W to ZERO because its products cannot be sold NO MATTER WHO OWNS Smith & Wesson. Only then will the entire corporate entity suffer the full cost of the decisions of IT'S executives (at the parent and at the subsidiary) and only then will all firearms manufacturers (present and future) learn that similar conduct will lead to a certain loss of the entire value of the offending company. It is the prospect of THAT loss which they will have to weigh in making future business decisions regarding litigation, etc. There can be no reprieve, no forgiveness, and no purchases of any new product with "Smith & Wesson" on it. In fact, this type of wimp-out is the mistake American gun owners made after 1968 when, knowing of S&W's conduct in supporting the federal Gun Control Act, we kept buying their goods. The political message is in the business disaster!

1. Many have noted that "good" dealers and distributors will be stuck with paid-for S&W inventory if they can't get rid of their pre-agreement inventory and some folks want to buy one last revolver for sentimental reasons. So.... here is some advice for them.
(1) You can immediately stop being an S&W dealer/distributor.
(2) Mark your current inventory as "Pre-agreement" and sell it off.
(3) Then order no more products from them, ever.
(4) Tell your customers what you have done.
(5) Your loyal customers will understand that you have to dispose of your current, paid-for inventory even though you have stopped doing business with S&W. Your customers will understand the political message you are sending and I'm sure respond appropriately.

2. No reprieve for S&W. If we let them change their corporate mind, there is no cost to their treachery. No purchases ever! When they are gone, gone, gone - no manufacturer will ever do this again no matter how many "pieces of silver" they are offered. The political message has to be: sell out the Second Amendment and kill-off your business. The business decision will then be to compare certain extinction from loss of sales against eventual survival after paying the cost of litigation blackmail arising from baseless litigation. The sensible businessman's choice will be different than S&W's.

3. Received from another American gun owner. Allow me to suggest that we also stop purchasing from all of S&W's parent company, Tomkins PLC? They have a significant presence in the U.S., owning a number of companies that I always thought of as "American", particularly in the automotive industry. As shown on their website at, Tomkins PLC owns companies in the automotive parts, lawn & garden, food, and architectural products fields, in England, the U.S., and South Africa. Especially at this time of the year, they might be vulnerable to a boycott of the lawnmower maker, Murray. There are alternative suppliers of all these products.

A partial list of these companies and their principal products follows:
Gates Rubber: automotive & industrial rubber products including belts, hoses, and rubber flooring.
Murray: Lawnmowers, snowblowers, and "Sno-Racer"-type sleds
Trico: Windshield wiper blades, arms, etc.
Stant: Gas caps and radiator caps, hose clamps, etc.
Lasco Bathware: Bath and whirlpool tubs
Schrader: Air and liquid fill & relief valves for automotive; tire valves
Edelman; Power steering hoses, brass fittings
Tru-Flate: Air fittings, tire pressure gages
Lubri-Matic: Grease, grease guns, marine and motorcycle oils and greases
Plews: Grease guns, bearing packers, oil filter wrenches
Phillips: Residential, mobile-home, and RV windows and doors
Ruskin: Industrial and commercial-building dampers and louvers
Dexter Axle: Axles for small trailers
Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor: Conveyors
Red Wing Foods: House brand foods for supermarkets, including peanut butter, catsup, etc.

4. S&W is owned by a British outfit called Tomkins PLC. Now if I were interested in investing in Tomkins stock, I'd want a copy of their annual report, which I would request by clicking on the "Information Requests" link on their web site: This is an 84 page, full color book shipped from England. Be sure not to order one unless you really need it.

For the complete text of the S&W agreement and for legislative updates contact

5. We must interdict S&W sales to government agencies at every level, starve the company, and kill it. For those who have the means, we must find judges who will issue injunctions against city, county, or state purchases especially preferential purchases of S&W products.

6. Attend the meetings of your local city council or county commission. Remind them that they've taken what's supposed to be a sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Tell them that, in choosing to do business with a foreign corporation savaging the Bill of Rights, they're violating both the letter and the spirit of that oath.

7. If you see a S&W auto or revolver in a cop's holster, find out if your city has a contract with S&W and demand that it be terminated immediately on the grounds (if all else fails) that the company falls short of Bill of Rights compliance.

8. Lawyers among us need to in-join HUD and other government agencies prepared to reward S&W for its cowardly behavior. One of the goodies Clinton promised S&W (and anybody else who signs on) is preferential treatment in the purchase of weapons by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and similar agencies. I could be mistaken, but doesn't that sound illegal to you? Whatever happened to competitive bidding?

From The 2ndAmendmentNews Team

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