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A fascinating story kept alive by the telling of it from generation to generation.

"Captain Henry Woodward had just boarded a ship at England to come to America when he saw officers coming on board to search the ship to see that no able bodied man left England. A young, but very large woman standing near-by, over-heard him, addressing no one but the sea and himself, remark "I have served seven years in the War, and now I suppose I will have to end my life in the army."

Sarah "Sally" Shelton, the young woman standing near-by, looked at him and noticing he was a small man, told him "Squat down under this stool." Then she sat upon the stool, out-spreading her skirt so as to completely obscure him during the search. He jumped up and kissed her! [I have my doubts about this story]

Allegedly, they were married by the Captain of the ship, during the voyage."

Henry Woodward is said to have come from England and settled first in MD. or Va. - owned a sword - silver knee and shoe buckles. (Aunt Lydia & my father).

Jesse sold his land in Stafford Co., VA. October 1809 and came to Lee Co., Va. (1809 deed from Isaac ELY is dated Dec. 26, 1809, Lee Co.) Was hurt while building the barn and died 1820. He was never paid in full for his land - his papers were in the hands of Botts, who lost his life in the burning of the Richmond Theater, and papers never recovered. And the defferred payments never made - there was a minor Botts. (Father).

"Uncle Billy" (William Henry (1B1) lived on the town creek above Jonesville. Was a teacher; was crippled, possibly from white swelling - died of consumption. His widow came and lived on (in?) Sugar Run (Orchard?) on east side of Elm Spring. She brought three children with her. Aunt Lydia let Luce (a slave) stay with them - Aunt Viny afterward married Arthur Blankenship. - "Uncle Billy" died before Father's recolection. (Father)

"Robert Woodward (1B3C), son of V.A. (1B3), died of cholera morbus when a child."
[note the ID codes are wrong, I had a heck of time figuring out who this was correct ID code is 1B5B Scott]

"Aunt Lydia [Hyden] let Luce (a slave) stay with them... " [see William Henry Woodward, Valentine's oldest brother]

[I really am not sure who to attribute the following to but since Valentine A. Woodward is the only V.A.W. in the book I'm guessing it is one of his grandchildren and am putting it in his notes since I don't know which. Scott]

"Dr. Woodward's first book was against slavery (?). Grandfather (V.A.W.) hated slavery (Lilly says it was Jesse [Woodward 1B?] who hated slaves, James [Woodward 1A?] persuaded Jesse to free his slaves) The old folks brought 2 nigger men and 2 nigger women with them here. One nigger man was a cripple. (Father) Jesse W. [?] willed his niggers free at his wife's death.

Fred was a free nigger and married Dice. Steve was Fred's and Dice's son. Dice cooked dinner, Luce breakfast and supper. Aunt Lydia [Hyden?] bought Luce before she came out here. She willed her to Grandfather. Luce was one of the finest niggers in the state. "Mon" was Luce's son - Luce and Mon left immediately after the war. Jude left in the fall of "66" [1866] - Lize worked out of doors, mean --Elize, John, Nance, & Dice) Aunt Lydia willed Mon to V.A.W. Grandfather bought Jude, a very young Girl.

I have heard Luce say that Edward [Edward Levi Woodward?] was just like his father (Jesse) Looked so much like him - Edward would have weighed about 130, medium height, had red hair; and so did Betsy Shugart - Jesse medium sized man - red hair.

Granny and Aunt Lydia had black eyes - Granny had rough, course-looking skin, was low, heavy built, big fleshy nose. Aunt Lydia was humped, tall and lean, would always go, a great sufferer - she had fine features, bright eyes, nose as fine as a Greek's, peaked face. Elizabeth was more like Aunt Lydia. Elizabeth was on the Hyden style. Lily was more like Aunt Lydia."

[I can not figure out who Jesse W., grandfather, Granny or Lily were, nor who the author of above could be. My best guesses, Edward Levi, is Valentine's brother, son's of Jesse Woodward. Elizabeth is also one of Jesse's daughters. Lydia would be Mary Hyden's sister, Jesse's wife. Jesse's middle name was probably Edward, so who is Jesse W.? There are several Jesse Woodward's, but none I can point out as being this Jesse W. Edward Levi, Valentine A., Lydia Hyden, Jesse, James are all my best guesses. There is no Betsy Shugart in the database, although there are two Shugart's they are not closely related to Valentine or his father. Scott]