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Bethan Republican Clipper, Bethany, Missouri, September 1900

We had the privilege of attending the fiftieth wedding anniversary "Uncle Dennie" and "Aunt Suzie" Burgin, at their home, on Wednesday, August 29, 1900.

The crowd commenced gathering early in the day and kept coming until afternoon. There were over eighty persons present, consisting of relatives, friends and old neighbors. Such old timers as Dr. Skinner and wife of Bethany; "Uncle Zeke" Hobbs and wife, of Eagleville; "Uncle Fred" Redinger and Wife of Ridgeway; and others. The near relatives consisted of W. H. Carter & wife, of Hatfield. (Their son-in-law and daughter), all their grandchildren and their families; George F. Woodward, of McFall; David O. Woodward, of near Eaglesville; (brothers of Aunt Susie) and Rhoda G Munsey, (sister of Aunt Susie), also Aunt Susie Piburn, of Blythedale (sister of Uncle Dennis), and numerous other relatives.

The time was spent in pleasant conversation until about noon hour when W. H Carter, acting as general manager, gave the call to dinner, and to any say that the tables fairly groaned under their loads would be putting it very mildly. They had tables spread in two of the large rooms. After everyone had eaten all they could, the following program was carried out: Music by the noted Chalk Talk String Band, composed of G.W. Buntin and daughter, Flora, Cord Eaton, Auther Hendren, Ellis Hendren, and Marvin Blakeman. Next was the presentation of numerous valuable presents, the presentation speech was made by Dr. Skinner was very impressive. Next the prayer by Bro. Burris, of Eagleville, followed by song by the choir - "Sweet Hour of prayer." Then for about one hour the services were turned into an old time prayer and speaking meeting, which was very enjoyable. After which Lon McMullen took the photo of the congregation with his fine camera.

The balance of the evening being spent in music of the finest kind by the String Band, until Dr. Skinner called on G.W Buntin for an old time Big Creek Hoe Down; which was given in old time style. Then the crowd began dispersing all wishing "Uncle Dennis" and "Aunt Susie" many more such happy times.

W. E. Blakeman