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Typewritten copies of hand-written sketches attributed to Dr. John H WOODWARD (1A1F1) By D. O. per. J. H. Woodard in May 1899

Grandfather Woodward's Brothers names. His own name being Henry Woodward.
One brother, - David Woodward
One brother, - James Woodward
One brother, - Jesse Woodward

Jesse settled near Springfield, Illinois, one brother Lemuel Woodward who settled in Northern Kansas and some of his family now supposed to be in N. Kansas and some in S. Kansas. His sister Nancy married James Randolf.

In September 1903

My Great-Grandfather Woodward is said to be James (Abraham) Woodward and he had a brother Jesse and this said Jess Woodward's Great-Granddaughter Ethel Woodward, now lives in or near Knoxville, Tennessee, where my son Jesse is now visiting.

J. H. Woodward M.D.
Also in September 1903

My father - Jesse M. Woodward left in fall of 1849 and stopped in Davies Co., Mo. until fall of 1851 -

In 1851 moved to Harrison Co., Mo. Stopped on Williams, or Monsey, now called McCall Place, N.W. of Brooklyn for a few months, moved to Uncle Z. Hobbs and then on to the Napper Place and was there until about 1852 or 1863 when he built a log cabin and moved on to what we now call the Heffner Place, about 1853. Sold the said H.P. abt. close of the civil War, and then moved on to and bought what was then called the Tolbert Blankenship Place.

J.H. Woodward

On 22 October 1906

According to my Aunt Sallie Grabille, my Great-Great Grandfather (Henry Woodard) married a Shelton. They had 3 sons, who started West to grow up with the country and stopped with a family by name of Highton, *and two of these Highton sisters. One of these boys was my Great-Grandfather.

The other of these boys, William Woodward, went on West as they called it, to Indianna (SIC) and they never heard anything more from him.

(Highton* - Hyden) Jane "Jennie" Hyden was wife of (1A) James Woodward,
Mary "Mollie" Hyden was wife of (1B) Jesse Woodward.