Document #276

    Sangamon Court House, Springfield, Ill.
    Clerk of Probate Court Office

    Heirs of James W. -

        Jane - Widow
        Henry Woodard
        Lemuel Woodard
        Mary Edwards - late Mary Woodard
        Lucy Ely - late Lucy Woodard
        John A. Woodard - Desc.
        Nancy M. Randolph - late Nancy M. Woodard
        Emily Poff - late Emily Woodard
        Jane Wallace - late Jane Woodard
        Jesse O. Woodard
        James W. Woodard
        David T. Woodard


        Heirs of John A. Woodard:

            James I. Woodard
            Endosia A. Woodard   
            Nancy S. Woodard


        Heirs of Emily Poff - Desc.:

            Lucy Ann Poff
            Sarah Poff
            Henry H. Poff
            James W.R. Poff
            John K. Poff


    A F.D. of Decease of James Woodard
    Filed 8th of Aug. I836, Doc. #276

   James W. Woodward being duly sworn, disposeth and saith that
   James Woodard of Sangamon County, Illinois died intestate, so
   far as he knows and believes. He was deceased about 24th day
   of July, 1836.

                     Signed - James W. Woodard

   Filed on this 8th August, 1836

       J. Adams, Judge of Probate Court