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(1) Capt. Henry Woodward, born in England about 1730, died in Stafford Co., Va,. in late 1700's, Parent's names unknown, married Sarah (Sally) Shelton, born in England, died in Stafford Co., Va., Parent's names unknown. (Most Stafford County records destroyed in both the Rev. & Civil Wars) Capt. Henry is said to have married a second time but there are no facts available on second marriage. So far no factual information has been located on Capt. Henry after 1758.
(1A) James Woodward [record on page 1]
(1B) Jesse Woodward [record on page 182]
(1C) William Presley Woodward [record on page 205]
(1A) James Woodward, first child of Capt. Henry and Sarah (Shelton) Woodward, born 1761, Stafford Co., Va., died 26 July 1836, Sagamon Co., Ill., married 14 May 1797 to Jane (Jennie) Hyden, born 1773, Stafford Co., Va., died in June 1856, Sagamon Co., Ill., daughter of Henry & Lydia (_______) Hyden. (Henry Hyden was a supplier of troops in the Rev. War and at least one of Jane's brothers fought in Rev. War. One brother was also founder of Hyden, Kentucky.)
[Note: this information, on Henry HYDEN's family was disputed by Gene Hyden in an e-mail to me, stating that Hyden, Kentucky was founded by John Hyden, who is not part of Henry Hyden's family. Gene Hyden is a descendent of John Hyden's family. I only am quoting what the book says, I do not vouch for it's correctness.]
(1A1) Henry Hyden Woodward [record on page 5]
(1A2) Lemuel Woodward [record on page 105]
(1A3) Lydia Woodward, born 24 August 1800, possibly in Stafford Co., Va., thought                          
to have died young as no record of marriage has been located and                                Lydia is not mentioned in her Father's Will.
(1A4) Mary Woodward [record on page 119]
(1A5) Lucy Woodward [record on page 119A]
(1A6) John A. Woodward [record on page 119J]
(1A7) Nancy Marie Woodward [record on page 120]
(1A8) Emily Woodward [record on page 123]
(1A9) Jane Woodward [record on page 123 & 122B ADDENDUM]
(1A10) Issac Jesse Woodward [record on page 123-123M]
(1A11) James William Woodward [record on page 124-124J]
(1A12) David Thompson Woodward [record on page 125]

[Note: I have added the bracketed comments [record on page xx] to show how the information is distributed in the book. All comments in [brackets] are mine. (1A) James Woodward's record and descendants covers from page 1 - 181. (1B) Jesse Woodward's descendants starts on page 182, and (1C) William Presley WOODWARD starts on page 205 and ends on 209. There is a 4 page Index of Surnames of Descendants Other Than Woodward at the end. My ancestor, David Thompson Woodward records and descendants covers from page 125-181. This information is not indicated in the original book, but comes from notes I've made in along with RIN numbers it as I've entered it into the genealogy database to help me track what I have done. Scott ]