Capt. Henry Woodward

Henry Woodward, born in England about 1730, first appears in Virginia records when he presents a letter of introduction, written by James Abercrombie, the London agent, to Governor Robert Dinwiddie.

The account books of George Washington show that "On Monday, January 6, 1755, Henry Woodward lost at cards to George Washington."

Henry Woodward was appointed a Lieutenant in the Virginia Militia immediately after his arrival, and soon promoted to Captain.

  Excerpts from Volume 2 of "Writings of Washington":

  "ORDERS   -     Fort Cumberland       17 Sept. 1755
Lieutenants John Savage, John Mercer, Joshua Lewis and Henry Woodward, are promoted as Captains in the Virginia Regiment"
   "ORDERS   -                           5 Oct. 1755
A detachment of one Lieutenant, one Ensign, three Sergeants, three Corporals, a drummer, and fifty private men, under the command of Capt. Woodward, are to march on Monday next, for Fort Cumberland"     That Capt. Henry Woodward's Mother was living in England is evidenced by a letter written by Governor Diwiddie to James Abercrombie, which in part said:
"Feb'y 24th, 1756
Sir: Upon your recommendation I took Mr. Woodward by the hand, and have promoted him (tho' a young man) Capt. of a Co. in the pay of y's Colony. He wanted mo. (ney) to equip him for the service. I let him have L30 st'r, for w'ch you can have his bill on his Mother and a l'r enclos'd for her. W'n you rec., the mo. please pay it to Mr, J. Buchanan, in Mark Lane.
Y'r Aff, H'ble Serv't"
Reference: Virginia Historical Collections, Vol. IV, Dinwiddie Papers, Vol. II, 1755-1758, Page 359.