This Publication covers the arrival in Virginia in 1755,
of our First Known Ancestor, Henry Woodward, born in
England about 1730, his association with George Washington
as a neighbor, his appointment as a Lieutenant in
the Virginia Militia, and later his promotion to Captain of
10th Company of the Virginia Regiment by Gov. Dinwiddie,
and his military career during the French and Indian Wars,
for which he received L105, and large land grants in
Stafford and Cumberland Counties in Virginia, in recog -
nition of his services (substantiated by references from
"Letters of Governor Dinwiddie" and "Writings of Washing -
ton" on ensuing pages III, IV, V), and his marriage to
"Sally" Sarah Shelton, and all available information on
their three sons: James, Jesse, and William Presley Woodward,
and their descendants.

It was compiled and published thru efforts of:
p. 133 Naomi (Anderson) Smith, 430 No. Iowa St., Lawrence, Kansas 66044 &
p. 99 Warren D. Woodward, 202 N. Clifton Ave., Aldan, Penn. 19019
   99A                                  3048 Abbot Court, Rancho Cordova, Calif. 93670
                                           15 Dugan Lane, Tom's River, N.J. 08753
(Aug. 1981) Route 6, Box 406-C, Hartwood,VA 22471

         Explanation of Code used by Warren D. Woodward
(1) Capt. Henry Woodward, first known ancestor
(IA) James Woodward, first child of Capt. Henry
(IB) Jesse Woodward, second child of Capt. Henry
(1C) William Presley Woodward, third child of Capt. Henry

The Code alternates numbers and letters, the system placing
a name in it's respective generation. For instance, Warren D.,
being of the seventh generation, is coded as follows:

(1) Capt. Henry Woodward, first known ancestor
(1A) James Woodward, first child of Capt. Henry
(1A1) Henry Hyden Woodward, first child of James
(1A1L) Alexander Fletcher Woodward, twelfth child of Henry Hyden
(1A1L6) Robert Lee Woodward, sixth child of Alexander Fletcher
(1A1L6C) William Alexander Woodward, third child of Robert Lee
(1A1L6C1) Warren DeWayne Woodward, first child of William Alexander
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Sincere thanks to Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.,
Monmouth Message, Monmouth, N.J., Illinois Historical Society,
Springfield, Ill., Kansas Historical Society, Topeka, Kan.,
Kansas City Star, K.C. Mo., Bethany Republican Clipper,
Bethany, Mo., Topeka Daily Capital, Topeka, Kan., Lawrence
Daily Journal World, Lawrence, Kan., Charles Randolph and wife,
R,R. #1, Camargo, Ill. 61916, Jewel (Burgin) Barr, 601 Williams St.,
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