Ancestors of Scott Scheibe

Newly updated 25 March 2008
This is the Collected Ancestry of Scott. A complete 7 generations, most of the 8th and and as far as 32 generations on some lines. Locations range from Colorado and many states east of, to England and Germany. Please contact if you have connections to any of the families contained in this Ancestry chart.

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The ancestry report uses 'Ahnentafel' numbering. This means that a person's parent's numbers will be twice as large as the person's number. So if someone's number is 15, her father will be number 30, and mother will be 31. Her child will be number 7.

Want the very latest information on these families? Want to help with this research? It's possible using Ancestral Quest 12, which connects us all to the same master file over the Internet. Contact me if you're interested, or click here to download the free database viewer or to learn more about collaboration.

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