GPC40: Temple Work and Family History, Comments and Resources Gospel Principles
Unit 8: Family Salvation
Chapter 40: Temple Work and Family History
Comments and Resources 'Temple a wonderful opportunity for keeping alive our spiritual knowledge and strength... The mighty perspective of eternity is unraveled before us in the holy temples; we see time from its infinite beginning to it's endless end; and the drama of eternal life is unfolded before us. Then I see more clearly my place amidst the things of the universe, my place among the purposes of God; I am better able to place myself where I belong, and I am better able to value and weigh, to separate and to organize the common, ordinary duties of my life, so that the little things shall not oppress me or take away my vision of the greater things that God has given us." (John A.Widstoe, in Conference Report, Apr.1922, pp.97-98.) During the study of this topic, we will learn the purpose of temples, that the people of the Lord has always built temples, that the Lord expects us to search out our ancestors, and some of the blessings that we receive in the temple. Resources:
Gospel Principles: chapter 40
A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, chapters 13, 17.
Articles of Faith, chapter 7.
Truth Restored chapter 5, pp. 47-50; and chapter 7, pp. 70-72 Scriptures:
2 Nephi 5"The Nephites separate themselves from the Lamanites, keep the law of Moses, and build a temple Because of their unbelief, the Lamanites are cursed, receive a skin of blackness, and become a scourge unto the Nephites.Between 588 and 559 B.C." Exodus 26; 40
Chapter 26  'Tabernacle to be built with ten curtains and with boards Vail to separate the holy place from the most holy place Ark of testimony (with the mercy seat) to be put in the most holy place."
Chapter 40"The tabernacle is reared Aaron and his sons washed and anointed and given an everlasting priesthood Glory of the Lord fills the tabernacle A cloud covers the tabernacle by day, and fire rests on it by night." Ezekiel 40-44, 46-47
Chapter 40"A heavenly ministrant shows Ezekiel in vision a city wherein is the temple He is shown the form and size of the temple and its courts."
Chapter 41   "Ezekiel sees the inner temple and the holy of holies, and is shown their form and size."
Chapter 42   "Ezekiel sees in the temple the chambers for the priests."
Chapter 43   "The glory of God fills the temple His throne is there and he promises to dwell in the midst of Israel forever Ezekiel sees the altar and sets forth the ordinances thereof."
Chapter44   "The glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord No strangers may enter the sanctuary Services of the priests in the temple are set forth".
Chapter 46   "Ordinances of worship and of sacrificial performances are set forth."
Chapter 47   "Waters issue from the house of the Lord and heal the Dead Sea The Lord'shows the borders of the land." John 2"Jesus turns water into wine in Cana He attends the passover, cleanses the temple, foretells his death and resurrection, and performs miracles." D&C 124"Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Nauvoo, Illinois, January 19, 1841. HC 4: 274 286. Because of increasing persecutions and illegal procedures against them by public officers, the saints had been compelled to leave Missouri.The exterminating order issued by Lilburn W. Boggs, Governor of Missouri, dated October 27, 1838, had left them no alternative. See HC 3:175. In 1841, when this revelation was given, the city of Nauvoo, occupying the site of the former village of Commerce, Illinois, had been built up by the saints, and here the headquarters of the Church had been established."
"124:1-14, Joseph Smith is commanded to make a solemn proclamation of the gospel to the president of the United States, the governors, and the rulers of all nations; 124:15-21, Hyrum Smith, David W. Patten, Joseph Smith, Sen., and others among the living and the dead are blessed for their integrity and virtues; 124:22-28, The saints are commanded to build both a house for the entertainment of strangers and a temple in Nauvoo; 124:29-36, Baptisms for the dead are to be performed in temples; 124:37-44, The Lord's people always build temples for the performance of holy ordinances; 124/45-55#45">45-55, The saints are excused from building the temple in Jackson County because of the oppression of their enemies; 124:56-83, Directions are given for the building of the Nauvoo House; 124:84-96, Hyrum Smith is called to be a patriarch and to receive the keys and stand in the place of Oliver Cowdery; 124:97-122, William Law and others are counseled in their labors; 124:123-145, General and local officers are named, along with their duties and quorum affiliations." Topical Guide:
                            Baptism for the Dead
                            Book of Remembrance
                            Endowment, Endow
                            Genealogy and Temple Work
                            Mount [noun], Mount [verb]
                            Salvation for the Dead
                            Temple, House of the Lord Bible Dictionary:
                                Holy of Holies
                                Temple of Herod
                                Tabernacle of Solomon
                                Temple of Zerubbabel
                                Temple on Mount Gerizim Guide to the Scriptures:
                                             Salvation for the Dead
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  5 And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

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