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Unit 4: Jesus Christ as Our Savior
Chapter 12: The Atonement
Comments and Resources "The atonement of the Master is the central point of world history. Without it, the whole purpose for the creation of the earth and our living upon it would fail... "...Without it, no man or woman would ever be resurrected... And so all the world, believers and non-believers, are indebted to the Redeemer for their certain resurrection, because the resurrection will be as wide as the fall, which brought death to every man. "There is another phase of the atonement which makes me love the Savior even more, and fills my soul with gratitude beyond expression. It is that in addition to atoning for Adam's transgression, thereby bringing about the resurrection, the Savior by his suffering paid the debt for my personal sins. He paid the debt for your personal sins and for the personal sins of every living soul that ever dwelt upon the earth or ever will dwell in mortality upon the earth. But this he did conditionally. "The benefits of this suffering for our individual transgressions will not come to us unconditionally in the same sense that the resurrection will come regardless of what we do. If we partake of the blessings of the atonement as far as our individual transgressions are concerned, we must obey the law." (Marion G. Romney, in Conference Report, Oct 1953, pp. 34-36.) During this topic we will learn what the atonement means, how it was brought to pass, what it can mean to each of us, and how we can take advantage of it's blessings.
Gospel Principles: chapter 12
A Marvelous Work and a Wonder Chapter 22.
Jesus the Christ, Chapters 34, 35, 37.
The Articles of Faith, Chapters 4, 21. Scriptures:
2 Nephi 9
"Jews shall be gathered in all their lands of promise Atonement ransoms man from the fall The bodies of the dead shall come forth from the grave, and their spirits from hell and from paradise They shall be judged Atonement saves from death, hell, the devil, and endless torment The righteous to be saved in the kingdom of God Penalties for sins set forth The Holy One of Israel is the keeper of the gate. Between 559 and 545 B.C." Mosiah 15
"How Christ is both the Father and the Son He shall make intercession and bear the transgressions of his people They and all the holy prophets are his seed He bringeth to pass the resurrection Little children have eternal life. About 148 B.C." Alma 34:8-16; chapters 41-42
  "8 And now, behold, I will testify unto you of myself that these things are true. Behold, I say unto you, that I do know that Christ shall come among the children of men, to take upon him the transgressions of his people, and that he shall atone for the sins of the world; for the Lord God hath spoken it.
  9 For it is expedient that an atonement should be made; for according to the great plan of the Eternal God there must be an atonement made, or else all mankind must unavoidably perish; yea, all are hardened; yea, all are fallen and are lost, and must perish except it be through the atonement which it is expedient should be made.
  10 For it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice; yea, not a sacrifice of man, neither of beast, neither of any manner of fowl; for it shall not be a human sacrifice; but it must be an infinite and eternal sacrifice.
  11 Now there is not any man that can sacrifice his own blood which will atone for the sins of another.Now, if a man murdereth, behold will our law, which is just, take the life of his brother? I say unto you, Nay.
  12 But the law requireth the life of him who hath murdered; therefore there can be nothing which is short of an infinite atonement which will suffice for the sins of the world.
  13 Therefore, it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice, and then shall there be, or it is expedient there should be, stop to the shedding of blood; then shall the law of Moses be fulfilled; yea, it shall be all fulfilled, every jot and tittle, and none shall have passed away.
  14 And behold, this is the whole meaning of the law, every whit pointing to that great and last sacrifice; and that great and last sacrifice will be the Son of God, yea, infinite and eternal.
  15 And thus he shall bring salvation to all those who shall believe on his name; this being the intent of this last sacrifice, to bring about the bowels of mercy, which overpowereth justice, and bringeth about means unto men that they may have faith unto repentance.
  16 And thus mercy can satisfy the demands of justice, and encircles them in the arms of safety, while he that exercises no faith unto repentance is exposed to the whole law of the demands of justice; therefore only unto him that has faith unto repentance is brought about the great and eternal plan of redemption."
Plan of Redemption Alma 41
"In the resurrection men come forth to a state of endless happiness or endless misery Wickedness never was happiness Carnal men are without God in the world Every person receives again in the restoration the characteristics and attributes acquired in mortality.About 73 B.C." Alma 42
"Mortality is a probationary time to enable man to repent and serve God The fall brought temporal and spiritual death upon all mankind Redemption comes through repentance God himself atoneth for the sins of the world Mercy is for those who repent All others are subject to God's justice Mercy cometh because of the atonement Only the truly penitent are saved.About 73 B.C." D&C 19:15-20
  "15 Therefore I command you to repent repent, lest I smite you by the rod of my mouth, and by my wrath, and by my anger, and your 19/15b">sufferings be sore how sore you know not, how exquisite you know not, yea, how hard to bear you know not.
  16 For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent;
  17 But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I;
  18 Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink
  19 Nevertheless, glory be to the Father, and I partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men.
  20 Wherefore, I command you again to repent, lest I humble you with my almighty power; and that you confess your sins, lest you suffer these punishments of which I have spoken, of which in the smallest, yea, even in the least degree you have tasted at the time I withdrew my Spirit." Leviticus 16:20-28
  "20 ¶ And when he hath made an end of reconciling the holy place, and the tabernacle of the congregation, and the altar, he shall bring the live goat:
  21 And Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness:
  22 And the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness.
  23 And Aaron shall come into the tabernacle of the congregation, and shall put off the linen garments, which he put on when he went into the holy place, and shall leave them there:
  24 And he shall wash his flesh with water in the holy place, and put on his garments, and come forth, and offer his burnt offering, and the burnt offering of the people, and make an atonement for himself, and for the people.
  25 And the fat of the sin offering shall he burn upon the altar.
  26 And he that let go the goat for the scapegoat shall wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in water, and afterward come into the camp.
  27 And the bullock for the sin offering, and the goat for the sin offering, whose blood was brought in to make atonement in the holy place, shall one carry forth without the camp; and they shall burn in the fire their skins, and their flesh, and their dung.
  28 And he that burneth them shall wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in water, and afterward he shall come into the camp."
Luke 22-23">23
Luke 22
"Christ institutes the sacrament He suffers in Gethsemane, and is betrayed and arrested Peter denies knowing him Christ is smitten and mocked." Luke 23
"Christ taken before Pilate, then to Herod, and to Pilate again Barabbas released Christ is crucified between two thieves He is buried in tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea." Hebrews 2"Jesus came to suffer death and save men-He came to make reconciliation for the sins of the people." Articles of Faith 1:3"We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel." Topical Guide:
                            Jesus Christ, Atonement through
                            Jesus Christ, Mission of
                            Jesus Christ, Redeember
                            Jesus Christ, Savior
                            Man, Natuaral, Not Spiritually Reborn
                            Salvation of Little Children
                            Sin Bible Dictionary:
                                Scapegoat Guide to the Scriptures:
                                             Atone, Atonement
                                             Children of Christ
                                             Fall of Adam and Eve
                                             Immortal, Immortality
                                             Jesus Christ
                                             Justification, Justify
                                             Merciful, Mercy
                                             Plan of Redemption
                                             Redeem, Redeemed, Redemption
                                             Remission of Sins
                                             Repent, Repentance
                                             Sons and Daughters of God
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Moroni 10:4-5
  "4 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.
  5 And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

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