TEA BAG TAX REBELLION OF 1999 updated 8/13/99

I received this as e-mail on 8/12/99. I thought it was an extreamly good idea and have passed it along to all my e-mail contacts. Now I am posting it here for you to see.

Dear Friends:
I am tired of hearing my President say that I don't want or need the proposed $792 billion tax cut. It is my money and I want to keep it! So as acting Director of Christian Coalition of Florida I am declaring a tea bag tax rebellion. In the spirit of the Boston tea party of December 16, 1773, I am asking every American who wants to keep his hard earned money rather than leave it in the hands of greedy government bureaucrats to flood Washington with tea bags.
Mail the first tea bag to:
President Bill Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500.
Include a note that says something like "Mr. President please don't veto my tax cut. If you do I am asking the Congress to close down the government as the patriots did Boston harbor in 1773 to protest the tea tax. I want every cent of my $792 billion tax cut.
Send a second tea bag to the Speaker of the House,
The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert
2263 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515.

Include a note that says something like "Rep Hastert please don't give up on my tax cut. If you have to close down the government as the patriots closed Boston harbor in 1773 to protest the tea tax, I want every cent of my $792 billion tax cut without breaking the budget agreement.
I will support you in this effort.
Send a third tea bag to the Senate Majority Leader ,
The Honorable Trent Lott
487 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Include the same message you sent to Speaker Hastert.
You may also want to send a tea bag and message to your own Congressman and Senators. You can look up their addresses at Govenment.aol.com
Then forward this message to everyone on your e-mail list, tell your friends to send tea bags and send a letter to the editor and e-Mail Scott back at Bob West, Acting Director Christian Coalition of Florida to let me know that you are taking part in the tea bag tax rebellion of 1999.
With your help, we will get our tax cut!
Yours for good government
Bob West
Acting Director
Christian Coalition of Florida
If you wish to contribute to Christian Coalition please go to Contribute to the Christian Coalition
If you wish to Volunteer please go to Volunteer to help the Christian Coalition

Tax Cuts updated 8/09/99

Amazingly the Republicans in the House and Senate have passed a Tax cut bill having been opposed by the liberals in those bodies, the president and the news media. They deserve your thanks for doing this and need your support. We now MUST turn up the heat on the president to sign the bill. He is claiming all sorts of dire consequences if the Republicans cut YOUR taxes. I'm sure anyone with even half a brain knows by now that Clinton is a pathological liar and no one can believe anything he says. Do you really believe the Republicans want to bankrupt farmers and Medicare? Which is more plausible, Clinton is sick liar or the Republicans want to bankrupt people, starve the poor, deny medical care to the young and elderly as he has continually charged? I think you will have to agree that Clinton is a sick liar. He needs help, he can't tell the truth, he is without any morals. He should be in an institution instead of President.

I'm getting off the track. We must convince the president that we the people are overwhelmingly for a tax cut. If he believes that, he might sign the bill. E-mail him at: president@whitehouse.gov, Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell them you want the President to sign the Republican tax cut bill.

Not sure what the Republican tax cut consists of? This is what the bill is, phased in over 10 years:

"The $792 billion tax cut, proposed by Republicans but opposed by Democrats, would trim all five income tax rates by one percentage point, lower capital gains taxes for individuals, eliminate estate taxes and ease the so-called marriage-tax penalty."

"Under the Republican tax bill, income tax rates would be reduced to 14 percent, 27 percent, 30 percent, 35 percent and 38.6 percent from 15 percent, 28 percent, 31 percent, 36 percent and 39.6 percent. For families in the lowest bracket, the measure would provide a 7 percent tax break. Wealthier taxpayers would get a 4 percent break."

"The bill would also cut the top capital gains tax rate on investment profits for individuals to 18 percent from 20 percent effective Jan. 1, 1999, and cut the capital gains rate for taxpayers in the lowest income tax bracket to 8 percent from 10 percent. Capital gains would be indexed for inflation.

"Other provisions would increase Individual Retirement Account contribution limits, help multinational corporations compete overseas and allow married couples to double the standard deduction. To aid high-tech companies, the research and development tax credit would be extended for five years."

All those quotes are from a couple of Reuters News clips I read on the Internet. Maybe I need to define some terms they used:

Estate Tax
When you die and leave your house and what ever other valuables you gained during a life of work to your spouse or children, they will have to pay a huge tax on the inheritance. In many cases they will have to sale the house and valuables you worked hard all your life to pay for and paid taxes on while you were alive, so they can pay even more tax on it now because you died. It is a "Death Tax"..
Marriage Tax Penalty
You get married and now are in a higher effective tax rate than when you weren't married..
Capital Gains Tax
By risking your money by investing, and managing to make a profit, or selling your house, you have to pay a large tax on the profit for being successful.. Most other countries do not have a Capital Gain Tax because they know investing is good for the economy.

Don't you think you pay too much in taxes and deserve a tax break? I do! The average person in America pays around 40% of their income in combined taxes, Federal, Social Security, Medicare, State, county, city, sales and in taxes passed on to you as the end consumer. Everything you buy is considerably higher than it would be if the government wasn't taxing everyone in the chain, from manufacturing, distribution, sales, etc. before you buy it in the store. Our founding fathers had the Boston Tea Party because of a 5% tax on tea! Why then, are we allowing our government to take 40% of our income from us?? Couldn't you use more take home money? Then call, write, do what ever it takes to convince Clinton to sign the Republican tax relief bill.

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